• What are the effects?
    Filler acts as a filling like its name suggests. It improves wrinkles and gives volume to sunken areas.
  • Is it safe?
    The safety of e.p.t.q. has been confirmed by the approval of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea and clinical trials of the domestic university.
    Filler is composed of substance similar to hyaluronic acid that exists in the human body and it is safe since it is hydrolyzed(can be dissolved) in the body.
  • Is it painful a lot?
    You can use anesthetic cream before the treatment to anesthetize your skin. If you get an anesthetic injection, you may feel a sting but the treatment will proceed without pain.
    You may feel the needle passes or sense of filling.
  • When is additional treatment or surgery possible?
    The duration of the filler varies from person to person. The additional injection(filling) is possible with hyaluronic acid fillers of the same composition only if there is space to inject the filler when you feel the volume is low.
    If you decide to have filler procedure on the site where the filler was injected, there should be no remaining filler in the skin.
    If there is any remaining filler left, it is safe to dissolve it and then perform the operation.
  • What should be noted after the procedure?
    - If you have menstruation or poor physical condition, please avoid treatment as much as possible.
    - Please avoid drinking and smoking on the day of the treatment, and relax.
    - Light facial cleansing and makeup are possible on the day of the treatment.
    - Bruises usually disappear naturally within a week, but if you apply a bruise relief cream, the bruises disappear more quickly
    . - Exposure to intense ultraviolet rays and/or use of a hot steam bath should be avoided for about 2 weeks after the procedure to prevent inflammation.
    - If swelling, pain, or a sense of heat is severe in the treatment area, it may be an adverse reaction or an inflammation reaction depending on the individual, so please contact and visit a clinic if you have any problem with your skin.
    - Do not excessively touch the treatment area until the filler is in place for one month after the treatment.
  • How to deal with side effects?
    - Swelling : It is more effective to use an ice pack before and after the treatment.
    - Bruises : Usually disappear within a week, but if you apply vitamin K cream, they will disappear more quickly.
    - Pain : Lidocaine cream and topical anesthetic are used before the treatment and analgesics such as Tylenol can be used after the procedure.
    - Itching : Acute allergic reaction is improved by intravenous injection or prescription of steroids and antihistamines.
    - Discoloration : If the skin becomes whiter due to the pressure of the blood vessels caused by the filler, it can be improved through massage or removing a small amount of filler.
    - Tyndall effect : In some rare cases, a bluish filler may appear to be visible if the skin color is light, the skin is thin, or the filler is injected into the surface of skin layer.
    - Acne : It is caused by damage and clogging of pores caused by the filler. Avoid treatment for areas with acne or folliculitis. When acne occurs, general acne treatment can help.