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2022-11-29 10:45
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Hi Arefeh,

Yes. You can use hyaluronidase to remove the remaining HA. 
It won't have any complication unless you have allergy to the hyaluornidase. 
There is no certain brand we recommend to degrade e.p.t.q.S300. You may use whatever you normally use in your country to accelerate the HA degradation. 

Thanks you.

Arefeh님께서 쓴 글

Hello i have a question 
i have injected e.p.t.q s300 in my lips  about 2 years ago and i want to remove it.
can i inject hyalase enzyme?
what it its complication?
what is the best brand of hyalase enzyme for remove e.p.t.q s300??